by Eyelid Kid

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"Heartbeat" stemmed from a collaboration with a producer named Lou Hills. After several alliterations of the of the same song, we decided to give it a single creative voice and release it solely under Eyelid Kid. The inspiration behind the songwriting comes from the push and pull factors within a certain type of relationship. "You always push away what you can't keep, you always stay close cause you can't leave."


I shouldn’t be here but I park on your street
You give me that stare but you we stay discreet
You climb into my back seat
We roll around listening to J biebs

Feeling all these things on the inside
But I don’t let you know, no, I don’t let them show
I can’t see your eyes in this barlight
If you wanna take a ride we can take it outside
Where you wanna go and where you wanna roll
We’ll be fine as long as we’re alone

I can feel your heartbeat
Feel your heartbeat (4X)

I shouldn’t be here but I’m three bars deep
You give me that glare but you don’t speak
You always push away what you can’t keep
You always stay close cause you can’t leave

Feeling all this tension in between us is
Pulling us closer and we don’t trust it
I can see your body in the starlight
All I wanna do is make you mine
I can feel rich and only have one dime
I can feel the notches running down your spine

I can feel your heartbeat
Feel your heartbeat (4X)

We can be on the cover of the rolling stone
We can hang with Drake and the OVO
I can be the man who takes you home
I ain't gotta be alone to be in my zone (2X)


released March 31, 2016
.:: Music Cred ::.

Written by: Eyelid Kid
Recorded by: Eyelid Kid
Produced by: Lou Hills & Eyelid Kid
Mastered by: Erik Wofford

.:: Art Cred ::.

Directed by: Chris Dock Davis
Dress & Make-up by: Alice Geaccone
Design by: Blake Bhols


all rights reserved



Eyelid Kid Austin, Texas

Eyelid Kid is an Austin born composer of Frosting Pop. He is the daughter’s boyfriend and father’s employer, who shares visions of true suffering and unforgettable fantasies. With songs written in the forest and performed in the city, Eyelid Kid constructs spiritual adventures through sound. ... more

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